The Secret Diaries of Princess Cadance


February 11th. Write it down.

I will be glorious 21 at long last. And thus I am expecting presents.

Of course, what sort of a person would I be if I didn’t give something back? So for the first time ever, here is a competition!


The rules are simple! Just draw…

OOC: Amazing fanfic!

((This is a piece of work written by askpenwright which focuses on the Shining and Cadance as depicted in the streams by myself and Wild Card. It deals with… shall we say, Cadance’s mixed feelings about Shining’s approach to “throwing her into the fray”?))

((It’s a fantastic read and very, very funny, so if you fancy a break from this blog’s heavy storyline give it a read!))

((You can find it here.))

((Now, with regards to the continuation of this blog’s story. Sit tight. I haven’t forgotten about it. Just remember that good things come to those who wait.))

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I’m not sure I like Shining’s new look…
~ C xx

((“ARE YOU DISAGREEING WITH ME?!” “I GUESS I AM!!” - That line gets me every time. Shining is totally Cadance’s bitch.))

((Did this after talking with the mod of Shining Armor Reports upon seeing the new pictures from Season 3. Wtf does Shiny have on his head, seriously…?))

((On a side note, the new episode will be done soon, I hope! I’m so sorry for the delay but hopefully it’s worth the wait!))


There’s a Drunk Pony Stream tonight, 8:45 PM EST. Livestream will be dropped closer to showtime.


There’s a Drunk Pony Stream tonight, 8:45 PM EST. Livestream will be dropped closer to showtime.


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((For those of you who want something a little less heavy after yesterday’s drama…))


Sexy, Sexy Shining Armor!

(( Proof that I’ve lost control of my life. <3 Just listen to the whole thing. Needed something silly on here to balance out all the CANTERLOT DRAMA. ))

(( Princess Cadance is Ogatamon, as per usual. Art was by Sweet Cream. ))

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Cadance, aware that Shining has been making nightly trips around the grounds, makes the decision to follow him one evening. Unfortunately for her, Shining doesn’t take too kindly to her concern. What ensues is not just a blazing argument but an unexpected and dark turn of events…

((This AMAZING artwork was done by Sweet Cream! I’m taken aback by how beautiful it is!! So go and thank her and give her lots of love!!))

((Shining armor was voiced by Shining Armor Reports.))

((Stay tuned for dramatic Part 2…))

((Because it’s sort of relevant.))

((And before people tell me Cadance isn’t like that, ‘tis but a joke. She is pretty OMG in ep 25, you have to admit…))

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"Hello everypony, now that I’m back I’ve taken some time to answer some of your questions… But after last night’s many-way phone conversation…"

"Ughh… I think Shining and I look worse for wear this morning… I guess he’ll not be getting on the wrong side of Luna again…"

"Anyway, I hope I was able to answer some of your questions! I’ll write a little more in my diary tomorrow."

~ Cadence x

((Music by ThePianoFilly, Yoko Kanno and Erik Satie))

((Magic sound effects very kindly provided by nomorethan9))

((Shining voiced by Shining Armor Reports))

((Stay tuned after the music fades out for an Easter Egg. >w<))

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"Well… both Shining and I have agreed that we’re not quite ready to start a family yet. I mean, don’t get me wrong… I’d love to have a foal. I remember how much fun foalsitting Twilight was and I… Well, I’d love to experience that everyday.

But the thing is, we’ve only been married a few months and we’re both a little too busy at the moment to really focus on any family plans. To be quite honest, I think the memory of what happened with the Changelings is still fresh for us both… I know that Shining still worries that they might be around, and if we had a foal I just know he’d worry about them all the time and start compromising his own life for the sake of theirs… Of course, I’ve nothing against protecting your own children, it’s just… Well, a family should be balanced. And the way things are right now, I think our family would be a pretty chaotic one, so… we’re just going to wait until things settle down a bit.

But I confess… sometimes the wait does make me sad.

((OOC: No artwork because it’s late and I’m tired so just a generic Cadence pic! As this isn’t an art blog, there will often be entries where I don’t draw a picture especially / where I use an old picture to save time so don’t expect any Da Vinci-esque masterpieces. >w<;;)

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"Oh, gosh. The stories I could tell you about her… Well, I was just a filly when first we met. As you probably already know, I was introduced to her as her foalsitter… The moment she met me she started asking me whether I preferred Starswirl the Bearded or Thornhoof’s studies… Now, I know I’m a princess, but to be honest with you I’m not very smart… I had no idea what those names even meant! So of course, she came across as a little odd. But as the evening went on, I saw that she really was a sweet filly. A little on the nerdy side, perhaps, but… sweet."

"It was also pretty sad… it very quickly became obvious to me that although she was very smart, she had very few friends. She seemed to shut off the outside world and bury herself in her books and her imaginary games… On top of that, her parents were often away and Shining, being older, wasn’t often around. I felt sorry for her, I guess. So I took it upon myself to become Twilight’s friend. We were very close until she was taken on as Celestia’s pupil and then I guess we sort of drifted apart… I always wondered what became of her. It wasn’t until she saved me in the Crystal Tunnels that I saw her again… Hah. I still haven’t thanked her properly for that…"

"As for what she’s doing now… as far as I know, she’s back in Ponyville with her friends. She was here a few days ago for a visit, though, and she seems to be doing great… even if she’s still worrying about petty issues like schedule deadlines and so on."

"What else can I say? She’s a great friend, and she’s been so helpful when it comes to working out my difficulties with Shining. I don’t know what I’d do without her."